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Ekaterinburg, улица 8 Марта, 2 (400 meters from subway Площадь 1905 года)



Our cosy Hostel is located in the quiet center of the city

In the evening, when the city calms down we have become really comfortable: no noise of machines, clanging of trams. Returning in the evening in the Hostel, after You walk, work or school, you can count on peace and quiet, typical of residential districts, but at the same time, being in the heart of the city. This gives You huge advantages: all entertaining, cultural, sports facilities are within walking distance and You can walk around the city centre which in the evening it transforms and gives a lot of positive emotions with their views.

In the Hostel You will find reception, our receptionists will welcome and escort You at any time, order a taxi for You, tell me what events you can attend in our city soon. In the morning they Get Breakfast and throughout the day and evening will be served tea or coffee. You are always greeted us welcome.

Due to the corporate policy of the Hostels Rus You can always enjoy safe and relaxing stay in our Hostel. In all the hostels network has a "dry law" and a ban on Smoking on site. We decided not to hold midnight gatherings and parties, our main priority is Your relaxation, so after 23.00 we decided to go rooms to prevent disturbance to other guests.

Invite organized groups of pupils, students, athletes and friends who come to our city. You will be subject to special conditions. Just inform administrators when booking that they plan group check in and find out Your discount:)

Hostels Rus - Ekaterinburg (Ekaterinburg) welcomes guests RuHotels from 18 Октября 2016
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Rules of stay in HostelsRus - Ekaterinburg

  • Cleanness
    • Clean and wash their dishes, cutlery and cooking utensils;
    • Clean up after yourself from the table;
    • Leave behind clean showers, sinks and toilets, collect water from the floor;
    • Maintain order in the bedrooms, store their personal belongings in designated places;
    • Not to leave their personal belongings and towels in the common areas (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, corridor, hallway, etc.);
    • Do not store or eat food in the bedrooms;
  • Respect
    • Observe silence in the bedrooms;
    • Disable call mobile phones in the bedrooms;
    • Receive no more than 15minutes bathroom;
    • Observe silence mode with 24-00 to 07-00.
  • Prohibited
    • Smoking, as well as the use / distribution of drugs and alcohol in the walls of our cozy hostel, as well as in the entrance. For infringement, we will be forced to evict a guest;
    • Storage hostel explosive or flammable materials, weapons, drugs, chemicals and radioactive devices, and of course mercury;
    • Breach of public order: shout obscenities, insult other people, disturbance, and any other racial intolerance.
  • Security
    • The hostel administration is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings living.
  • Rules of arrival and departure
    • Arrivals after 13-00.
    • Arrivals before13-00 is possible, subject to availability.
    • Upon arrival the guest pays a deposit of 500 rubles, which he returned upon departure.
    • Depart at 12-00.
    • Guest must inform in advance about the extension. In case of failure to 12-00, the administration has the right to occupy a new guest.
    • At checkout, guest passes towel, bedding, keys to the locker. Administrator returns left bail. In case of loss or damage No stress Hostel, the administration does not return the deposit.
    • Upon check out at 12-00, guest may stay in the hostel while waiting for transport, use WI-FI and other free hostel to 20-00 of the current day.
    • If paid before departure date, the administration of the hostel does not return the money paid for the accommodation.

We will be very sorry, but for the sake of peace and calm nervous our guests and ourselves of course, hostel administration reserves the right to evict any resident if it violates the rules of conduct and public order and prevent other guests, without a refund.


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  • 2.1 km вокзал Екатеринбург
  • Airport Кольцово 16.7 km

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